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I had my semi-annual cleaning with Debbie. She is so thorough and gentle; I would never go anywhere else!
– Michelle

Our Wagner Dental hygiene team is your first line of defense for the prevention of oral disease. Gum disease, and dental caries (cavity) screening should be considered a fundamental part of your regular physical exam. We take our job as prevention specialists seriously, and love helping patients discover how good it is to have a healthy mouth. However, should you require Periodontal (gum disease) or Endodontal (root canal) treatment, Wagner Dental has the experience to help.

Infections of the mouth can cause expensive damage to the teeth and soft tissues. By being conscious and scheduling yearly preventative appointments, you can reduce your risk of contributing to systemic medical issues like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

If you are as interested in your overall health, come see us at Wagner Dental for an appointment with our dedicated team.

What can I expect?

I am very pleased with the expertise and consideration given by my hygienist.
– Connie

For some, it has been a few years since they have had a dental checkup. Don’t worry! You are in good hands with our caring, gentle, and thorough hygiene team.

Our hygiene team will walk you through each step of your evaluation to make sure you are informed and comfortable. You will be asked to share any concerns or changes you may have noticed, such as tooth discoloration, bad breath, sensitivity to hot and cold, or bleeding during brushing or flossing. The team will then go over the things that are relevant to you, including:

  • Review of health history (medication use, changes in systemic health etc.)
  • Gum disease assessment
  • Check of existing restorations
  • Home care routine review and education (brushing and flossing)
  • Cavity detection
  • Address any other concerns you may have

Oral Hygiene

Our dental team can provide you with the most complete teeth cleaning around, and the tools, tips, and tricks in order to keep your teeth healthy and strong. At Wagner Dental, we love to see your pearly whites shine, but we need your help in order to keep the foundation of your oral health sturdy with excellent care at home.

Your teeth share your story with us. With daily oral hygiene, you can continue to smile big for years to come. Your oral health is in the palm of your hands, and we at Wagner Dental want to provide you with ways to only improve that dental care more. In order to keep the foundation of your oral health strong, follow these tips so your teeth can stay strong and healthy without fail:

  1. Nutrition – Your diet plays a huge part in your oral health; minimize sugar and highly acidic foods and beverages.
  2. Brush – You should brush for two minutes at least twice a day, ideally after eating or drinking. Use an electric toothbrush for the most effective clean, and don’t forget to reach all the way to the back, and brush the tongue.
  3. Floss – Flossing is an important step in your oral hygiene routine. You should floss every day, before your nightly brushing to remove plaque between teeth.
  4. Rinse – Rinsing with mouthwash will kill 99% of germs in your mouth that brushing and flossing cannot.
  5. Water – When brushing is not an option, rinsing with water after eating or drinking is a great way to minimize plaque and decay.

We know it can be difficult to visit the dentist, especially if it has been a while since your last visit. Please know that we understand and just want to give you the best service possible. So make sure to visit your Wagner Dental staff twice each year in order to ensure excellent oral health.

The staff at Wagner Dental was quick, efficient, and kind. I haven’t been to the dentist office in a long time but I’m glad I found my new dentist!
– Patient

Tooth Colored Fillings

Remember when metal fillings crowded your mouth and expanded as you aged? No longer are fillings so obstructive in our mouths, as modern dentistry has brought us into more stable, secure tooth colored fillings. At Wagner Dental, we are no longer using metal fillings that once contained traces of toxic mercury–we use composite materials instead to protect your teeth from cavities.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among American children and affects more adults than we realize. Tooth decay is the result of sugar and plaque remaining on the teeth that turns into acid that eventually breaks down the tooth enamel. If left untreated, it can cause toothaches, infections, and even tooth loss. Our oral health doesn’t just affect the mouth, but the entire body.

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to minimize sugary and acidic foods and beverages from our diets, maintain a strict oral hygiene routine, and remember to schedule regular visits to Wagner Dental in Las Vegas. We want to help keep your natural teeth healthy for life, so call us today with any more questions!

Preventive Dental Care

In order to keep your body and your mind healthy, you must also keep your smile in the best functional shape too! Evidence shows that oral health correlates with our overall health too. Our mouths act as a gateway for any infection or disease to enter into our body, and if left untreated, there can be systemic health and internal organ problems.

At Wagner Dental we pride ourselves on keeping your mouth clean, healthy and confident! In order to keep that oral health strong, we recommend our patients have a plan for how to keep their bodies healthy too! Keeping up with eating a healthy, balanced diet (minimizing sugar and acidity), brushing and flossing regularly, and scheduling regular visits to Wagner Dental helps keep your oral health on the right track.

Braving the dreaded root canal

We know that root canals have earned a bad rap over the years, but truthfully, root canals are a fairly routine and painless procedure thanks to modern dentistry. If you have a tooth that is infected within the tooth pulp or tooth root, it may be time to consider a root canal. If you’re nervous about the pain and the recovery from a root canal procedure, we use antibiotics and anesthesia on a case by case basis depending on your unique situation.

So what should you expect at a root canal? At Wagner, we want to make sure you are completely comfortable before we go into the procedure. After you are completely sure you know what will happen, we will go in and remove the infection. Then we sterilize and fill the chamber to prevent further infection, and seal the tooth with a crown. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Contact us with any questions today!

If you’re worried about funding the basics of your oral health care, we want you to know that we offer flexible financing options if you are without dental insurance that covers preventive appointments. Don’t forget to partner with us in order to get the best treatment for your oral health. Give us a call today at (702) 878-5599!

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