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Emergency Dentistry

We can resolve your dental emergency, IMMEDIATELY.

Dental emergencies are no fun, whether they are mild or severe. If you are experiencing slight dental pain, or if your oral pain has already become intense, call us and stop your suffering NOW. Our friendly and compassionate team will get you in ASAP. We will properly diagnose your dental emergency and provide the needed treatment or guidance to resolve the issue. There is NO reason to delay taking care of your dental issue.



  • TOOTHACHE | Sometimes a toothache can become absolutely unbearable. When your discomfort hits a certain level, you may be willing to do just about anything to get it to stop. Hopefully, you’re not at this point. But if you are, schedule your visit right now. We can often completely remove the causes of your toothache in one visit. Don’t torture yourself by letting the toothache pain intensify. If you are still able to manage your toothache pain, please don’t count on the pain going away if you can just “tough it out” a little longer. Our goal is to save as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. When you start to feel tooth pain, that is your body telling you there is a problem. If this is your situation, don’t put off your visit any longer. That tooth discomfort is often an indication that the healthy parts of your tooth are under attack and the longer you let it go, the more extensive the damage will be.
  • KNOCKED-OUT TOOTH | Teeth can be knocked out completely in sporting events, fights, auto-accidents or other traumatic experiences. If addressed immediately, it is possible to restore the tooth and preserve it. The response must be swift however to have any chance of rescuing the knocked-out tooth. If you have knocked out your tooth, pick up the tooth by the crown (the visible portion of the tooth in your smile) and, without scrubbing it, rinse it off. If you can do it, reinsert the tooth into the socket it came from. If you are having trouble inserting the tooth, put it in a small bottle or container with milk and bring it with you to our office. The faster you can get to our office, the better the chance of restoring the tooth.
  • BROKEN TOOTH | A small chip, broken-off from your tooth, is not a dental emergency unless it is causing pain. However, a broken or fractured tooth can be tremendously painful. When the enamel of the tooth (hard exterior surface) is broken, nerves and blood vessels may be exposed. If untreated, this area may become infected and lead to serious issues. Also, because the nerves are exposed, a broken tooth can be intensely uncomfortable. If you find yourself in this situation, schedule a visit with us immediately. Neglecting a broken tooth is never a good idea.
  • PAINFUL, INFLAMED GUMS | Sometimes a dental emergency can be life-threatening. An abscessed tooth refers to an infected tooth. This infection can spread rapidly and painfully. Common side effects of an abscessed tooth include fever, tooth sensitivity, toothache, swelling portions of the face, and even neck pain. If you notice a bump or swell in your gums which seems to be the source of the pain, call us immediately. This situation is a true emergency and if not addressed immediately can lead to greater problems. The infection may spread to your jaw and other areas of the body. In fact, the infection can eventually spread to your brain and lead to death. We’re not trying to scare you into visiting our practice. It is imperative though that you understand how serious an abscessed tooth emergency can be. Don’t hesitate!


USE OUR SCHEDULING LINK TO SET UP YOUR APPOINTMENT RIGHT NOW. OR, CALL OUR OFFICE AND SEE IF WE CAN GET YOU IN IMMEDIATELY! We will help you get back to normal life as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Proudly serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Summerlin, The Lakes, Blue Diamond, Henderson, and surrounding areas.

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